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Q. What is The Ultimate Ballpark Access?
A. The Ultimate Ballpark Access is the new, one stop shop for Nationals Season Plan Holders to manage their tickets, ballpark access and benefits.
Q. How do I log into my account?
A. When you receive your Cards in early March, you will be able to login straight from the nationals.com homepage. Click on The Ultimate Ballpark Access button on the nationals.com homepage and you will be directed straight to the login page. Enter your MLB login and password and you will be directed to verify your first-time user information and accept the terms and conditions. In the first-time user section, it will ask you to enter the Card number and member ID located on the front of your Card.
Q. What happened to My Nationals Tickets?
A. My Nationals Tickets is no longer necessary. Everything needed for a Season Plan Holder to manage their tickets, benefits and access can now be done from their Ultimate Ballpark Access account.
Q. If I share my season plan with partners, how do I get them their tickets if everything is loaded onto my Cards?
A. The Ultimate Ballpark Access allows you to set up partners with their own online accounts and personalized access Cards. Once your partners have activated their online accounts, you can distribute any denomination of your own seats to them. When you distribute a seat to a partner, it will be removed from one of your Cards and is automatically assigned to your partner's Card carrying the same seat location.
Q. If I have more than one seat as a part of my season plan, do I receive more than one Card?
A. Yes. In early March, you will receive your Season Plan Holder package that will include your Cards. For every seat in your plan, you will receive one Card. Each Card will be printed with your name, account number and the seat location.
Q. Do I have to setup partners in order to give my seats to friends, family and clients?
A. The partner feature is meant for our Season Plan Holders who share significant portions of their Season Plans (10 or more games) with other fans. If you are looking to send seats to clients, family or friends for an individual game, emailing those seats via your online account is both faster and easier than setting them up as partners.
Q. What are my options if I can't make it to a game? Do the Nationals still offer exchange and resale opportunities?

A. The Nationals do still support exchange and resale opportunities. If you know what game you won't be able to attend ahead of time, our Future Exchange Program allows you to turn in those seats for seats of equivalent value to another future game.

This year, the Unused Exchange Program will give you Red Carpet Rewards Points in return for any unused tickets turned in.

Also new for this year, all exchanges will take place online via nationals.com/exchange.

Lastly, posting your tickets to StubHub is a few easy clicks away via your online account.

Q. If I purchase additional seats or parking, do those get loaded to my Cards? What about Rewards Tickets?
A. Only the tickets within your Season Plan are loaded to your Cards. All parking passes will be sent in the Season Plan Holder package as colored passes. All other additional tickets, rewards tickets and exchanged tickets will arrive as print-at home emails. You will be able to manage these tickets from your online account.
Q. What if I lose one or more of my Cards?
A. Within your account, there is a REQUEST REPLACEMENT CARD button. There is a $10 fee for lost or stolen Cards. If you lose or forget your Card on your way to the ballpark, please come see us at Ticket Services and we will supply you with a ticket to that game. Once you are inside the ballpark, you can come to the Season Plan Holder Lounge at section 137 to address any Card or online issues.
Q. Can I get commemorative paper tickets for any game?
A. Yes. You can purchase commemorative tickets for any game at the Advanced Ticket Office located inside the ballpark.
Q. Why are there three separate redemption levels for the 2013 RCR Program?
A. In 2013, the RCR Program will feature dynamic point pricing similar to our single game ticket sales. Weekday, weekend and Prime dates all have different price points as shown in the redemption calendar within your account.
Q. What is different about the 2013 redemption opportunities?
A. Within your account, you will be able to bid points on special experiences, autographed items and merchandise using the new auction feature.
Q. Will there be any restrictions to when I can redeem my points?
A. In 2013, our Season Plan Holders will be able to redeem their points as early as 30 days prior to the desired game, and as late as 72 hours prior to that date.
Q: What is Campaign Manager?
A. Campaign Manager is a tool through which we can offer special promotions to our Season Plan Holders. Using your Card you will be able to redeem these promotions at areas throughout the ballpark.
Q: How do I get access to these campaigns?
A. Redemption is as simple as touching your Card at the point of purchase, with notifications coming via email and text message.
Q: What is E-Cash?
A. Coming Soon in 2013: The E-Cash feature allows you to load money to your Card via your online account which can then be used for all of your purchases at Nationals Park. E-Cash provides fast, safe and secure cashless transactions at concessions and retail locations throughout the ballpark.